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The Chicago Blade has moved it's number to 641/264-9779. This is an area code in Iowa. My understanding is they were having issue with their phone provider in Chicago due to heavy use of the line by prostitutes, under 18 and sellers of illegally copied DVDs. This isn't an online service but harks back to the days of telephone party lines.

This is a free chat line. The website talkee.com lists the numbers and the types of lines for various cities.

The phone number for the blade is:

312/602-1414 The Chicago Blade

Other numbers are listed so you don't have to pay for the cost of a call to downtown but off hand I don't know them. If anyone else does, feel free to email me so I can list them.

Before the days of the Internet I actually had a LOT of success with this line and met a lot of good looking guys. A lot of closeted and married guys on here too. I think the combination of real voice and lack of photo makes the "nervous" types feel safer.

Though I haven't met anyone on here in a long time I figured I'd throw in my review of it. After all not everyone has computer access at all times right?

The site consists of various menus. The only one that is really used is option number 3, which they call CB. In other words you leave a message and people can message thru them and if they like your message contact you. The nice thing is once you hang up the message is gone.

They also have various other features such as conference rooms, a bulletin board (you can just leave a message for people to hear, but no one responds to it.) or you can get a box number and place an ad and people can leave messages in your box. But those features are not really used, at least in Chicago.

Best of all, outside of the cost of a call to downtown Chicago, everything is free. I believe there are also local numbers for the suburbs to dial into this system but I'm not sure what those are.

The only bad thing I can say is lately a lot of prostitutes have been trying to use this site to get business. Also people are using it to sell their pirated gay video DVD copied crap on it.

Since both are illegal I reckon eventually this line will be shut down.

On the plus side you can block those prostitutes and DVD copiers and you won't hear their outgoing ad.

Also the website lists free chat lines for a lot of different services, from gay to straight for latins, bisexual, African Americans and so forth. Check the website for details.

Rating: B+

Actually hooking up: A-
Entertainment: A
Format: A
Ease of use: A
Cost: A
Overall: B

Photo Required: N/A
Photo Approval: N/A
Ad Limit: 45 Seconds
Search Function: N/A
Cost: No, only cost of call to downtown Chicago 312 area code
Blocking Ability: Yes

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