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Different from the rest if only because it ends in .net and not .com In fact it comes up first in a google search. For those who wonder about the manhunt.com, this is some sort of gospel music site. Hmmm I wonder how many horny men have been "turned on" to gospel music from this site.

This site has developed into the one to beat, at least in Chicago. From the days as a free site in Chicago, to now sponsoring porn videos, this site won fame as the place where the two guys hooked up to spread the "super virus" of HIV. Of course when then story turned out to be wrong, but ironically, Manhunt nonetheless profited from the mistake.

Slick marketing goes into this site and they always seem to be improving it. I found it seems to be the best known with a lot of guys on it. True it has faults but of the lot this seems to have the widest audience. And after all that is what you want, the most exposure to your ads.

Free members are somewhat limited. You can only see the main photo. You can only view the first three (previously it was 10) pages of ads. And you can only view (I think it's 10) ads per day and respond to 10 emails per day.

This is by far the biggest fault of Manhunt. Since most people don't pay for the site, many people don't realize just how limited their exposure on Manhunt is. After 5 minutes your ad moves down on the list past page 3 and it's no longer viewable to a majority of the people advertised as online. Of course there are ways to get around this, but most people aren't going to bother to figure that out.

By limiting the number of profiles you can view it also encourages people to make fake accounts to see more profiles. This inflates numbers of members.

Also non paying members can only see one pic full size, again there are ways around this. But how many people know that even as a non paying member you can see all unlocked pics full sized? And no I'm not telling you how to do it. You have to meet me in person for me to reveal such secrets.

Among the nicer features, if you pay, are the ability to daily change your ad. Non paying members are limited to changes per week. Paying or non paying members appear to be able to change photos at will. Even when I didn't pay I never had any issues changing photos at all.

The search feature is available to paying members and is good. The only thing I wish it would do was search for an entire phrase. For instance if you search for river north, you get all ads with either river or north or both words in them.

The worst feature by far is the blocking feature. This is available to paying members. The problem I have is that it gives 100% total control over the person that is blocking. On Manhunt once you block someone it, removes all emails and makes your profile invisible to the person you are blocking. While this sounds OK, it allows the person blocking or blocker, to write you nasty emails, then they can go into their own email and there is a section that tells you when the emails you sent are read. Once the blocker, who sent you the nasty email sees you read it, they block you. Now the person being dumped on can't respond and can't even block the sender of that email, cause the profile is no longer visible to the blocked person.

So as you can see this allows the blocker to block and unblock at will and send nasty emails and ruin the Manhunt experience for others and the person being "abused" so to speak, can't do anything to stop it. This definitely needs to be changed. I suggested it but they didn't act on it.

The best tip I can give you is this. Manhunt allows you a main photo and 5 auxiliary photos. You can pic and choose which ones to make public to everyone, just your buddy list or those you pic and choose. Make sure at least ONE OF YOUR PHOTOS is in the MAIN PHOTO section.

By default if you leave your main photo blank Manhunt will show the next photo in line. Let's say you have no main photo but 4 other photos. You open your photos for a hot guy. But this hot guy isn't a paying member. He will not be able to see any of your photos except as thumbnails. If you had put one of those photos in the main photo section, it would be visible at regular size to a non paying member. So it is important to do this. Like I said there is a work around for non paying members but not all people know how to do it.


Actually hooking up: C
Entertainment: A
Format: A
Ease of use: A
Cost: C
Overall: B+

Photo Required: No
Photo Approval: Yes
Ad Limit: Yes, 650 words
Search Function: No, paying members only
Cost: $25.00/3 months. Other plans available
Blocking Ability: Yes, massive abuse potential here though

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