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Also abbreviated M4SN and also available at http://m4sn.com (link forwards to main site)

This site was the one to beat before Manhunt came along. What is my major gripe with this site? None, I think it is great. My biggest problem with it is lack of members in Chicago. Basically anyone over on here is also registered on Manhunt. So why pay for two. Since most people don't change their screen name between sites, you can find them over there. If this site had as many members as Manhunt I'd gladly go here

Manhunt got the edge because when they came to Chicago, Manhunt was a free site for the first 9 months. So most M4SN men went over where it was free

But saying that, I still think it does excellent as a free site. Free members are limited in the number of emails they may send each day and they can only see photos in a person's private gallery. That is why it is very important to put photos in your private gallery on this site, even if they are the same as the public ones, because a non paying member can only see a thumbnail. But if you email that person even a non paying member can see a full sized photo in the private gallery.

The site also allows everyone to view everyone else's ad. You are not limited to the first three pages like in Manhunt. This is good, because it provides maximum exposure for your ads.

This site also allows, for free, you to see who has viewed your ad, which is nice. Not a make or break thing but it is nice to see who's been checking you out. Another great thing is if you put someone on your hot list (available to members only) and that member has or puts you on his list, the system emails you telling you this. That way it takes the pressure off knowing at least you both find each other hot.

Another nice feature (for paying members only) is the ability to block someone. Once you block someone you can't unblock him. This is great. It still allows someone to send you an email and cuss you out and then block you, but it's nice they can't repeatedly block and unblock you.

Paying members also get IM and Chat room ability. I can honestly say when I traveled I did meet some nice people on this thing, but that was many years ago. Perhaps it changed.

Another cool thing I liked about it was when I was on it they would often put me on front when you logged in as a "featured member." It was fun. It was a huge ego trip, but at least I got some emails that way. Admittedly they were from all over the nation and not Chicago, but any email is better than none right?

The search function is limited to members but you can easily get around this. Another nice feature is they really do look at your photo and they use icons. So if you have a photo of your face, even if you don't show your face, you will have an icon next to your profile saying your profile does have a face photo.

On the downside is the fact that if you do not pay for the site in your profile will appear an ad. Usually one for "cruisingforsex.com." I don't mind seeing advertising if I don't pay for it but whether or not I pay shouldn't be indicated, I feel. But that is no big deal.

Overall I would say if M4SN could get some more members in the Chicago category it would easily be competitive to Manhunt.


Actually hooking up: B
Entertainment: B+
Format: B
Ease of use: A
Overall: B

Photo Required: No
Photo Approval: Yes, usually within 2 hours
Ad Limit: 450 words
Search Function: Members Only
Cost: $5.95/month reoccurring charge. Other Plans available
Blocking Ability: Members Only

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