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http://m4m-usa.com or http://m4m-usa.com or http://m4m-sex.com. All the urls direct to the same main site.

This has got to be the worst site I have seen. It is feature rich and I have no doubt I would enjoy it. So why don't I know for sure? Because I never got to use it for free. Well not exactly true. I got a one time trial, that was good for one time and as soon as I logged out of the site or signed off my computer it was over, that or 24 hours which ever came first.

It was useless to see if I would like their site. Why not have a free trial for several day? How am I supposed to know? Especially since in those few hours I was on it, virtually every guy signed up for it was also on manhunt or men4sexnow.

To make matters worse, you have to put on a profile. And once you sign off you can't get back in to remove it. I asked them to take me out, do you know what they said. Oh don't worry we remove all profiles inactive after 6 months. And to make matters worse I was getting notices in my email saying guys had replied to my ad on this site. Of course unless I pay I can't get into see it.

So this is really a sleazy site. But making you put a profile on it and not letting you remove it, it is inflating it's own membership number. How do I know who is on it and who hasn't been back in 5 months to check their profile after their two hour trial?

From what I saw it has a lot of great features, like categories for men and such but by making everyone pay the kill their base of membership. I want my ad to be seen by as many people as possible. By not letting non paying members even browse to see my ad they are limiting me.

The site has potential and my rating of it is based on very limited experience. I say skip this and stay on Manhunt, Men4SexnNow or even Gay.Com


Actually hooking up: F
Entertainment: F
Ease of use: D--
Cost: F
Overall: D-

Photo Required: Yes
Photo Approval Needed: Immediately uploaded
Ad Limit: Yes
Search Function: Cost
Cost: See Website
Blocking Ability: Yes, universal blocking available

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