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This is the thousand pound Gorilla and the mainstay of gay chat. But at least in Chicago it is fairly benign.

I find if I go to other cities I am actually able to have conversations and chat, like I did in the old days of IRC

What many people fail to realize is there are many ways of accessing gay.com. You don't need to only access it from the website.

I use the chatclient located at gayboi.org. Because the newer versions still have bugs in it I recommend only using the chatclient version 7.9.8. It is free and does not use Java so it is fast on dial up.

Chattage is another way to access gay.com plus many other chat sites. I have found Chattage clients way too graphic heavy. Though they work excellent if you have dial up, they will be nearly impossible to use.

I have found gay.com in Chicago to be basically the same 4 guys chatting in public and no one else is allowed in, very cliquish. They will also publicly rip people apart in public forums. I have found other cities to be great though, especially Canadian cities.

Private chats are cool. But the bots are not well regulated. In chatclient and chattage you can put botguard on. What this does is it presents a question to the person trying to chat with you. Also the answer, if you don't answer the question right you can't get thru to the person you're trying to contact. This helps cut down on bots.

Ironically now I found even the bots are now using bot guard. You can usually tell bots by the fact as soon as you enter a room you get hit with 5 to 10 people telling you the same thing. Usually something like "Wow you're hot, let's chat."

Tip for people using it. Don't hit people up as soon as they enter the room as someone may close your chat window thinking you're a bot.

At $19.00 a month gay.com is very expense. Full features allow you to search and view profiles as well as just chat. You also get the ability to see member "adult" photos and the ability to enter any chat room. Also you can enter more than one chat room at a time.

For example in Chicago, there many chat rooms for the city. After 100 people go into the Chicago Room on gay.com, the system automatically creates another Chicago City chat room called "Chicago2" after Chicago 2 is filled by 100 members, the system creates a "Chicago3" chat room. And so on.

If you don't pay for gay.com you automatically go into the open chat room. Obviously this isn't good because if there are 210 members online the first two rooms each have 100 people and you get stuck in a "Chicago3" chat room with only 10 members.

If you pay for gay.com you can go into any chat room without such restrictions. In this case even though there may be 100 people already in the "Chicago1" chat room you can still enter, because you pay.

Of course there are ways of getting around this. Chat programs like chatclient and chattage, allow you to "hammer" into a room. Or you can do this manually. If you manually "hammer" basically what you do is you keep hitting the enter button on "Chicago1" until another free member leaves. Then you can take his place, IF you're lucky. Remember other free members will be "hammering too." So the timing has to be right. Chat programs like chatclient do the "hammering" for you. Hammering tends to be hard on servers so they do not like this.

Other premium features include the ability to see who thinks you're hot. This is an ego trip. I've discovered that just because someone thinks you're hot doesn't mean this person has any intention of ever even talking to you.

With premium service you can also see members "Adult" photos. No big deal, most people who post adult pics are mildly voyeuristic and will give you the X-rated pics if you ask. Or you can go to dudesnude.com and see them there.

With full membership comes the ability to see all the photos in full size. Again there are easy workarounds to this so you don't have to pay to see them. And most people will have them posted elsewhere or give you the photos to look at if you ask.

The nicer features are you also are eligible for free subscriptions to magazines like "Out," "The Advocate" and "Details." You need to see the website for exact offers. They vary offers at times and often have sales on memberships. So check back if you think you might like it.

I view the premium membership on gay.com as similar to flying first class. It's nice if you can afford it but hardly needed.

I recommend against paying for it for two reasons. First of all they do almost nothing to stop the huge number of bots in the chat rooms. This is ridiculous as it takes a space from a real person.

Second and most importantly is the poor customer service. When I tried to contact them on a profile issue of mine, they blatantly told me they had no time to help people who don't pay. Now you're probably thinking "Well that's good customer service." In a way yes, but there is more to it. Think of it this way. Most people are NOT going to pay for this service. You're goal on gay.com is to MEET people. For your $19.95 a month you want the best exposure to the MOST number of guys. If they won't help the free customers with their site they are driving away men that you MIGHT LIKE. They are decreasing the number of people you can meet. It's nice to be nice to people but the main goal is to maximize the number of people exposed to your ad.

Another tip to remember about the site is some people with broadband never log off. Since the computer is always on and logged into the internet, these people once they get into the first Chicago room will stay there forever because they don't want to lose their place. So it's important to remember to read their bio line. Hopefully they will be considerate enough to say, "may be away from computer." But if a person seems to be consistently logged on, this is most likely why. And it may be why you get no response.

As for my experience I find way too many headless people on here for my taste. I almost never respond to a person without headless pics.

If you use the website itself and the JAVA to access the chat rooms you may want to pre-block. This is because Java can crash your computer easily. So by pre-blocking people they will be unable to contact you and open windows. Before I used chatclient to access gay.com, I would get maybe 10 people at once message me. This opened 10 different windows, using Java, and crashed my system.

If you are using a modern computer made in the last 3 years your memory and operating systems should be advance enough to handle this though.

I think this site could be really fun. It does tend to me more youth oriented. At least the chatty people tend to be under 30. But I think it depends what city you are in. As I stated when I am in certain cities people talk and greet me and it's fun. But in Chicago, I have to say; I've only gotten the cold shoulder.

Also this site uses Flash and does not use it with correct website standards. It is quite shady to do so and makes me think that this website is not well planned or they are not totally on the up and up. Just a note for the designeres.

Rating: B-

Actually hooking up: D
Entertainment: A
Format: C
Ease of use: C
Cost: D
Overall: B

Photo Required: No
Photo Approval No, immediately upload, but they do review and will delete it is in the wrong category.
Ad Limit: Yes
Search Function: No
Cost: $19.95/month for full access. Sometimes there are sales or discounts (other plans available as well as one week trial plan)
Blocking Ability: Yes

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