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Often abbreviated, as G4M this site was the most fun I've been on. Unfortunately it was a washout on meeting anyone but the forums were the best fun I have ever had on any website straight or gay.

This is a sister site to Dudesnude and like that site is run by a guy named Phil, out of England.

This site can take great pride that it is not a site just to hook up with men, or gawk at photos or such. I felt a real sense of community with the men on the forums. I have never felt such genuine emotions from such members. I don't think it's a great place to find sex, but you will come out meeting a number of guys to be friends with.

Phil, the Webmaster has instituted a number of schemes to keep the site clean and fun and actually participates in his forums. The nicest feature is you must be a member of the site for two weeks before you can post any questions or speak in the forums.

Another nice feature is if you don't like the forum choice's Phil has you can create your own.

The buddy feature is nice. You can classify people as your buddy, as hot or as blocked. Phil also has it set that you cannot block someone after you email them on the site, UNTILL they respond back to you. This stops much of the abuse of the block features of other sites.

The site is free, but donations are asked for. They will get you a few extra functions, like the ability to see who looked at your profile. Though another nice feature is you as the user have the option to NOT let others see if you looked at them. Cool huh?

I highly recommend this site, but only if you are not looking for sex. I think you will meet some great guys on it, but at least in Chicago, there seemed to be a lack of local guys. But still the potential for friends and for great reading and entertainment in the forums is A+


Actually hooking up: F
Entertainment: A
Ease of use: A-
Cost: A
Overall: B+

Photo Required: No
Photo Approval Needed: Immediately uploaded
Ad Limit: No you may write as long as you want
Search Function: Free
Cost: Donations
Blocking Ability: Yes

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