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Run by a guy out of England, this site is pure eye candy. I found it to be pretty much a disaster for anything else.

If you want to look at pictures of hot guys this is it. It is truly a worldwide site and there are guys on it from all over.

My main issue is that for me, every last guy on it I talked to turned out to be a prostitute. OK maybe I should've been suspicious a good-looking man would want to talk to me.

It has a forum section, which is mildly entertaining, and it has the ability to upload your photo and mp3 movie to it.

Another great feature is the opportunity to verify yourself. How it works is quite simple. In addition to your handle you choose, when you register you get a number. Like your handle your number is unique. Then you simply a piece of paper, write that unique number on it and hold it up to your face and take a picture of yourself.

Then you give it to Dudesnude and this serves as "proof" that you are who you say you are.

Another nice feature is when you upload your photos you can caption them and also photos are categorized. This way you can search not only for profiles but also for pictures. For instance if someone want to search for pictures of "feet" as long as the person submitting the photo put the word "feet" in the caption it will come up.

The site is free, but donations are asked for. They will get you a few extra functions, like the ability to see who looked at your profile. Though another nice feature is you as the user has the option to NOT let others see if you looked at them. Cool huh?

A really nice feature is the ability to give your profile to others to view even if they aren't a member. For example I can upload up to ten photos. I then have a direct url to my profile. There for I can email the url to anyone and they can see my profile on Dudesnude without being a member of the site. That is a nice touch.

Again this site may work well for you. Unfortunately I was unable to find anyone who like me on it that didn't expect me to shell out money. So I have no profile on it anymore. But it may work for you and it is free.

Lastly, I cannot overstate how NICE the pictures of guys are on here. If you like the amateur photos, some guys are quite the exhibitionists. So it is GREAT if you want eye candy.


Actually hooking up: F
Entertainment: A
Ease of use: B
Cost: A
Overall: D

Photo Required: Yes
Photo Approval Needed: Immediately uploaded
Ad Limit: No you may write as long as you want
Search Function: Free
Cost: Donations

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