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This is really a mixed bag. For me, I can tell you this is the worst way to advertise. I reckon a lot of people have seen my ad there. The problem is there are far too many people playing games and using fakes here.

While it is pretty easy to weed out the phonies elsewhere it is more difficult in Craigslist because it is a simple list, there is not true format to it. Being such a mixed bag it's hard to determine what is valid and what isn't. Especially if you don't frequent the website a lot. Most people on Craigslist also do not post photos at all. And those who do almost always post only a selected body part making true identification impossible even if you should meet that person in real life.

I have known people to use Craigslist and they had good success with it. I have never met anyone off of it as of yet. I was stood up at least 25 times, and then I stopped counting.

Part of the advantage to Craigslist is that it is free. It also isn't a gay site. You can cruise Craigslist and if you get caught you can easily say you were looking for an apartment or even an old used copy on Windows 98

I have heard from people outside of Chicago that they have a lot of trouble with the Chicago "Men 4 Men" (M4M) section, while other cities are not such.

I found by looking at other cities the Chicago M4M section has a lot more conversation in it that other cites. In fact it can make for good reading.

The two popular topics are young people who rant about old guys hitting on them and a couple of people who are out to prove that, everyone else on Craigslist is a fake. Which considering, I have been accused of being a fake, and lying about my age (which I never do), I wonder about the accuracy of such claims

Part of the charm of Craigslist is that it is like the Wild West. You can post whatever you like and Craigslist will rarely intervene. Someone for instance, stole my photo, and Craigslist intervened and took it down, but it did take them over 4 hours to do so.

Another quirk is the "Flagging" ability of anyone. What flagging is, is simply you mark the ad. By clicking the flagging link it marks it. If enough people flag the ad, it is pulled automatically without any intervention from Craigslist. So even if your ad is legit you can have it pulled, if enough people simply don't like the looks of your face.

I remember after one time someone accused me of being a fake, apparently everyone else believed this 'cause my ad kept getting flagged and pulled after about 10 minutes

So in one way it is frustrating but in another it makes for good reading when someone goes off on a tangent.

You can use HTML on Craigslist but few people do, so that would give creative types an incentive to use it.

Craigslist also frowns on multiple postings. However as of now, they seem to track email address so it is relatively easy to get around this with throwaway email address like gmail.

Craigslist also features a pretty good search function. Whereas you can stick words in and pull up what you're looking for. However, my own experience once your ad falls onto page two, no one will look for it.

One of the negative things about Craigslist, is that they limit the size of the photo you can send. For some reason many people do not know how to resize their photos (see my secion on Pics Technical Info).

Relationships are rarely advertised her but you can find activity partners but that is a different section.

It is actually a pretty decent place to sell things that aren't cost effective to sell on eBay or to find an apartment.


Actually hooking up: D-
Entertainment: A
Format: C
Ease of use: A
Cost: A
Overall: C

Photo Required: No
Photo Approval: No
Ad Limit: None (Also allows limited use of HTML)
Search Function: Yes, excellent.
Cost: Free
Blocking Ability: N/A

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