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Cruising For Sex

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This site is probably the best place to get sex. The catch here is you can't be particularly choosy about whom you hook up with. But I did meet a really nice guy through it. And he was cute too. So it isn't just for the hopeless.

But seriously people who cruise this site are genuinely looking to get off now and quick. It has links to men4sexnow.com, and the sites are either related or are link partners.

The hookups take place in the forums section where you post what you want. You can even post such ads, as "I will be in Sears bathroom at 6pm on Tuesday June 6th. If you want head be there." So in some ways it harks back to the old communal walls, of the 70s when people would leave messages for other gay people on bathroom walls.

The good part of the site is that it is very easy to use and free. The bad part is it ad supported and full, and I mean full of images. It is awfully hard to look at it with dial up. There seems to be something for everyone here, from the desperately horny to the really sleazy to the merely voyeuristic.

Free registration is required to post in the forum and you can have your responses sent to a box on the site or a to your own email.

It definitely is worth a read, but if you have dial up, be prepared to wait a long time for the site to download with the images. But as they say, the images (advertisers) keep the site free.


Actually hooking up: A
Entertainment: B
Format: C
Ease of use: A
Cost: A
Overall: B+

Photo Required: No
Photo Approval: No
Ad Limit: None
Search Function: Yes
Cost: Free
Blocking Ability: None.

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