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This site, often abbreviated as A4A, targets itself to African American and Latino guys, is actually pretty well structured. It has a lot of nice features all, which are free to use, and plenty of hot "dark ethnic" men.

The big advantage is it is free. You can upload up two public pics and one private pic. You are limited to 150 emails a day, but unless you are truly hot this shouldn't be an issue. Although I actually knew two people who did routinely get stifled by that limit

The format is among the best I've ever seen. Though a couple of other sites have somewhat copied it. Or perhaps A4A copied them. The only fault I can find with it is that it uses Flash to notify you of new mail. JavaScript would be just as effective and easier on people using dial up. I for one have disabled Flash and only use it upon demand.

You can create ads for parties and even travel ads, which is a nice feature if you travel.

Escorts can use the site but they must pay for it and label themselves as "pay" which is great

Another nice feature is you can have the emails either sent to the site where you log in to get them or you can have them forwarded to your personal email

The only bad thing I can find is that they actually seem to look at your ad and picture to approve it. This can take a LONG time. For instance if you change your pic, they don't keep the old one up till the new one is approved. They pull the old one and it reads, "photo not available." This is especially problematic over weekends. If you change your pic on Friday night, it can be Monday morning before your new picture is shown. This goes for the text ad as well. So if you're going to change anything best to schedule it for a time you won't be using the site.

One thing to watch for is the block. People can cuss you out on an email then block you. This will prevent you from replying to them. Then they can unblock you, cuss you out again, and then re-block you. This way they can bother you at will. It is best to remember if you get an annoying email, just block this user, to prevent him from unblocking you.


Actually hooking up: D
Entertainment: C
Format: A -
Ease of use: A
Cost: A
Overall: B

Photo Required: No
Photo Approval Needed: Yes, VERY long wait sometimes 48 hours
Ad Limit: Yes 450 words
Search Function: Free
Cost: Donations
Blocking Ability: Yes (potential for abuse)

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