The Whacky World Of Internet Photos

People Without Face Shots

There is a good reason if people are not showing their face in photos. .....They are UGLY!!!(insert Smiley here)

Now that said, good looking and ugly are relative experiences. But I can honestly say I have only had ONE person, who didn't have photos and later sent them to me, that was hot. Some others have been OK, but not someone I would choose.

But I have found you get better results showing your face. You will get more answers and it shows you don't have something to hide

People Without Body Shots

Ok most people aren't like me and gonna strip to the waist for you to see them. THIS is where you have to use common sense. This is where using the description notes I have given come into play.

Maybe they are shy about being shirtless or think they should have a tan. To this I answer that people can where a tank top or tight t-shirt to show their body off.

Look for very loose fitting clothing in a shot intended to be used to show off their body. For example, if a guy has a loose t-shirt that shows great pecs but isn't tucked in, may indicated he has a big gut. Learn to look for things like this.

I said intended in the above paragraph because if someone is using a shot of themselves, they took at Disney World, they are not intending to show themselves off.

When Was The Photo Shot?

Maybe taken 10 years ago?

So ask, How recent was the photo?

Now if you're shy about asking...

You can do this easily, by bringing up the subject of photos.For example you would say "Yeah I must've been half asleep as I just took those photos last week and I kept having problems UPLOADING THEM."

See how I eased into that. Ok I "fudged" the truth but it brought up the subject

Now you can bring up the subject of when his photos were taken.

Do not let anyone discorage you from asking about their photo.

Time To Face The Facts Guys

This is 2006. You need to get some pics

You can buy a throw a way camera, then have Walgreens put them on a CD disk and upload them from an internet cafe.

If you are in Chicago, I recommend SCREENZ an internet cafe. Located just south of Diversey and Clark.

Not Everyone Looks Like Their Photo

As anyone who looked at my shots knows, there are good shots and bad shots. Did you see how bad I looked trying to get a tricep shot?

You can see from my pics, I look very different depending on my haircut or even 5 lbs can make or break someone

I have a guy I hook up with and I swear to God, the pictures he sent me aren't him. He isn't a bad looking guy in person, it's just his pics he sent either aren't him or were taken 10 years ago.

Just remember the descriptions and photos help weed out mismatches. DO NOT use them to make fun of anyone or expect anyone to match 100% to their photo.

Besides many people I think are hot, don't think they are. I have also had people who's ad I wouldn't answer cause I thought they were too good looking email me, saying they liked me. So you never know. Use them as a guidline.

What Happens To My Photos On The Net?

Anything is the answer. Unfortunately no matter how the site works I can lift any photo off the net and use it for whatever I want.

Note under US Law all photos are copywrited as soon as they are put on the internet.