Losing Hope When The Call Doesn't Come

Nothing is more painful when you really hit it off on a date or have great sex and the other guy doesn't want to see you again.

Though you have to realize it isn't exactly the same for a hookup as it is for a date. But one thing I can pretty much guarantee, if someone really wants to see you again, they will find time to do so. Lost emails, forgot to phone and working late, are excuses people use but if they like you, you can bet, they will find a way to see you

Regarding Hook Ups

Hook ups for sex are a bit different. Some people like to have sex with a variety of people. So if they don't want to see you again, it may not be you. They may just crave the "new" and "unknown."

It can get tricky as sometimes the guy won't call unless he's horney and wants YOU.

It doesn't mean you were bad. Maybe they like to have different partners. One week you, the next another. Maybe they are in different moods. This week he wants to Top, when you were with him he wanted to bottom.

This is when I recommend using email or a phone message. "Hey Joe, kinda horney tonight, if you want to hook up, call me."

Or you can try one to the websites for sex now.

Regarding The Dating No Call

Most people won't tell you outright, but here are some phrases that mean we won't be getting together. But you will hear phrases like...

Well keep in touch...

We'll do lunch...

Give me a call when you're not busy...

I got a heavy workload you understand...

And I know that's not what you want to hear after a great date. You want something to hang some hope on. I mean at the very least you'd like to hear...

I do hope that within the span of our lifetimes our paths will cross again.

But let's face it if you like someone you're never too busy to call.

But supposing you like someone but are afraid of rejection. Well here's a good way to find out.

I call it the chicken approach.

This has happened to me you can't figure out what the guy wants. This is where the art of conversation comes in. Find out in an indirect way when you know he won't be home. You can call and leave a mesage.You can bet if he likes you, he'll call back

But leave it go if you don't hear back after that.

You can also try email, but again, don't make a pest of yourself.

No, your email didn't get stuck in the spam folder. It went through he just wasn't as interested as you were.

As I've often said "I know life isn't fair, but why isn't it ever unfair in my favour."(Insert Smiley Here)