Abbreviations Long Form Meaning
B&D (orBD) Bondage And Discipline Ropes Whips Chains and other such paraphernalia
BB Bareback No condoms
BB Body Builder Not used much anymore as it is confused with bare backing. But is still seen, so you may need to ask
BF Boyfriend Not necessarily monogamous
CD Cross Dresser Not necessarily gay
CD4 CD4 Count Principle marker for HIV treatment. A count of less than 200 is generally considered AIDS
D/D Free Drug And Disease Free Does not include alcohol usage
DL Down Low (also "on the down low") Straight guy seeking homosexual encounters. (Esp. when used by Black and Latino men) 
DQ Drag Queen Not necessarily gay
FF Fist Fucking Inserting of Fist into the anus
FTM Female To Male Transsexual 
HWP Height Weight Proportional Average Build
IRL In Real Time Now (or very soon)
ISO In Search Of seeking
LTR Long Term Relationship Not necessarily monogamous
MTF Male To Female Transsexual
NEG Negative HIV-
NSA No Strings Attached Hook up only
PNP Party And Play Use drugs during sex
POZ Positive HIV+
RT Real Time Now 
S&M (or SM) Sadomasochism Sado (give) or Masochism (receive) pain. Sometimes used as a "catch all" for leather
SN Screen Name Alias used on computer
Stats Statistics Info about you. Age, Height, Weight, Race And Anything Else You May Care to Share.
STD Sexually Transmitted Disease Illness spread primarily by sexual contact
STR8 Straight Heterosexual (may have once in awhile gay hookups)
STR* Straight Used when the person typing STR8 doesn't take his finger off the "Shift" key. Resulting in an "*" instead of the 8 beneath it
Tina Metamphetamine Drug commonly used by gay people when having sex
TS Transsexual Person believing he or she is born the incorrect sex
UC Uncut Not circumcised
Vers Versatile Either top of bottom position during sex
Vers/Top Versatile / Top Prefers top during sex, but is willing to bottom on occasion
Vers/Bttm Versatile / Bottom Prefers bottom during sex, but is willing to top on occasion
VGL Very Good Looking In the person's own opinion 
WS Water Sports Urine Play
69 Sixty Nine Performing and receiving oral sex at the same time
420 Four Twenty Slang for marijuana

Other Slang Words

Abbreviations Long Form
Blow Job Oral Sex
Boricua Puerto Rican
Camp Act Effeminate
Chillin' Relaxing
Cut Circumcised
Generous Expect payment of money for time spent
Party Do Drugs
Play Have Sex
Poppers Drug used (inhaled) during sex to enhance pleasure
Scat Fecal matter